KinoCast Ep8 - The Acting Life (part 2)

This is week we continue with our chat with Angela Peters, producer, actor and festival director of TweetFest, talking about how to make the best of your natural talents, working as an actor but also a mum and some invaluable tips for booking acting work in 2018.

  • actors becoming multi-skilled
  • Doing it yourself, putting in the work, getting discovered
  • choosing to go to drama school
  • the benefits of a drama education
  • the business of acting
  • acting when you have children
  • what to do if you can’t find acting work
  • working as an actor but also a mum
  • Don’t know what to do next? Some great and practical tips to get acting roles now!!
  • getting typecast, subverting that type
  • Be practical, not precious
  • TweetFest events coming up


Jonny Evers