So what is a Short Film Open-Mic?


Refreshingly non-competitive in an all too often intimidating industry.

For these bi-monthly events, all films are selected on a first-come/first-screened basis. Filmmakers present their work and have the opportunity to discuss their creations with audience and filmmakers alike. Both industry professionals and first-timers bring their shorts making the quality of cinema at each event both diverse and entertaining. And with such a broad spectrum of new work being screened, each event is a genuine reflection of the current output of of the indie filmmaking community.

Comedians and Musicians host open mics to showcase new talent or new material, so why not filmmakers?


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I confirm that either myself or a representative from my film can attend the London screening in person to introduce the film.


  • Filmmakers must register in advance.

  • One film per filmmaker per Open-Mic.

  • All genres accepted.

  • A representative from you film must be present at the screening to introduce your film.

  • All film under 6 minutes are automatically accepted on a first-come/first screen basis.

  • Films with longer running times (6 to 10 minutes) are still considered. Our preference is for films of 6 minutes and under, however we reserve up to two slots for longer short films of high quality.

  • Your place at the screening event is not guaranteed until you have sent us a copy of the film, and we have acknowledged receipt of it.

  • It may be that we like your film, but cannot fit it into the schedule. If this is the case, we may offer to screen your film at the next screening.

  • We may reject your film if it is not in a recognisable file format. Ideally, we would like an MP4.

  • Kino Short Film reserves the right to make the final decision on whether or not to screen any particular film.