KinoCast Episode 3 - Low-No budget Filmmaking Part 2

Continuing our conversation on the basics of making a low or no-budget films, Dustin and Jonny talk through a range of ideas and advice on casting, auditions, practical effects, props, planning ahead, post production

- How to find the right actors

- Thoughts on auditioning actors

- Showreels

- Casting non-actors

- Overcooking it

- Improvisation

- Rewriting the script for the actor

- Choosing actors who work well together

- Blood for cheap

- Guns, gunshots

- Props and planning ahead

- Don't forget to double check the script for the small stuff

- Everyone appreciates efficiency

- Storage, disciplined and methodical

- Re-shoots and coverage

- Shot list prioritization: essentials, nice-to-haves



Jonny Evers