The People’s Film Festival


  • Free feedback w/ every submission

  • categories based on budget vs genre


The People’s Film Festival is run by filmmakers, for filmmakers.

Tired of film festivals taking your cash and giving you nothing in return, making you wonder if they even watched your film? So are we! That’s why we decided to start “The People’s Film Festival©”, birthed out of our own frustrations with the festival circuit. We’re committed to giving each and every filmmaker that submits to our festival 100% feedback! And to keep the competition fair, our categories are based on Production Budget rather than genre.

“The People’s Film Festival” provides independent short filmmakers with an unprecedented positive film festival experience while giving audiences access to artistic labours of love. It’s our aim to facilitate the marriage of underground, counter-culture and independent artistic voices with audiences hungry for new ideas. We’re here to support and reward passionate filmmakers who put it all on the line to share with us their stories. We’re here for the love of film.

Kino London runs monthly short film competitions. The winners of the monthly competitions form the Official Selections for The People's Film Festival. All Official Selections are screened during our gala November 2019. Annual winners will be eligible to apply for up to £1,000 in production support for their next short film project


MONTHLY SEMI-FINALISTS & FINALISTS will receive appropriate laurels and qualify for additional "Awards of Excellence" based on merit in certain categories, ie. Award of Excellence in Cinematography, Award of Excellence in Editing, etc.

MONTHLY WINNERS will become OFFICAL SELECTIONS and receive TWO SCREENINGS! The first at one of our monthly Short Film Screenings at the Candid Arts Trust in London and the second at the annual People's Film Festival in November where they will be eligible for awards in the following categories:

  • Best Short Film

  • People’s Choice

  • Best Micro-Budget Short 

  • Best Low Budget Short 

  • Best Sponsored Short 

  • Best Short Drama

  • Best Short Comedy

  • Best Experimental Short Film

  • Best Short SciFi

  • Best Short Horror (Award Sponsored by Fun Size Horror)

  • Best Short Documentary

  • Best Short Animation

  • Best Web Series

  • Best Student Short

  • Best Under 18 Short

  • Best Actor in a Drama (Sub-genres can qualify based on the tone of the performance)

  • Best Actor in a Comedy (Sub-genres can qualify based on the tone of the performance)

  • Best Ensemble Cast

  • Best Director

  • Best Cinematography

  • Best Original Screenplay

  • Best Editing

  • Best Original Score

  • Best First Time Filmmaker

  • Best Production Design

  • Best Costume Design

  • Best Sound Design

  • Best LGBTQ Short

  • Best Foreign Language Short


All Award Winners will receive Laurel, Statuette & Certificate.

All filmmakers who win in one of the above categories are eligible to apply for the Kino London Film Fund. The winner is selected by Festival Jury on the merits of filmmakers previous work combined with their vision for their future project. Up to £1,000 will be awarded to fund one project, with production support for that project through Kino London.




Official Selections

April 2019

FROM FRAGMENTS Directed by James Quinn

FROM FRAGMENTS Directed by James Quinn

THE STRANGERS’ CASE Directed by Peter Trifunovic

THE STRANGERS’ CASE Directed by Peter Trifunovic

TROUBLED WATERS Directed by Gemma Norton

TROUBLED WATERS Directed by Gemma Norton


Festival Jury




Dustin is an award-winning writer/director from Los Angeles, California. He now resides in the UK with his wife and daughter. With over two decades of experience in the film industry, Dustin has written and sold several feature screenplays, and successfully crowdsourced four seasons of the web-series HAPPY HOUR SKETCH COMEDY. His background includes several microbudget short films which focus on sociopolitical issues. His current documentary, BLAKE BYERS BROUGHT A CIGARETTE TO A GUN FIGHT is wrapping post-production and focuses on police brutality in the US. Currently on the festival circuit, NORA, premiered at the British Film Institute as the centrepiece of a TEDTalk event and has won 14 awards to date. His previous Best Short Drama winner, AVERY ROAD, combines the issues of women’s rights and gun violence to focus on the polarisation of American values and it’s impact on society. His previous film festival hit, WITHOUT REGRET is now available on Amazon Prime and depicts a multi-generational discussion around the inner conflict between the past and present.




Adnan is a multi award-winning film producer, and London-based NHS doctor. He has set up one of the UK’s first production companies focusing on healthcare and social issues. He is now utilising his frontline clinical experience and healthcare leadership expertise within the film industry. He connected with a global audience by focusing on the human factors of the UK’s most prized institution, the National Healthcare Service. His recent short film, NORA, tells the story of the NHS on it’s 70th birthday. Utilising an allegorical narrative, he personified the NHS through the character of Nora, an aging woman whose family wants to put her in a private care home. It premiered at a TEDTalk event in August 2018 at the British Film Institute IMAX, to a live audience of 500 and thousands more via livestream. It has since won 14 awards at various international film festivals. NORA has also been screened at multiple healthcare institutions, including the Royal Society of Medicine, and has been used as an educational tool for healthcare professionals.

Jonny Evers


Jonny has over a decade of experience in the UK film and television industry. After landing roles as a variety of characters on TV shows such as SHAMELESS, CORONATION STREET and THE ACCUSED, he discovered a passion for working behind the camera. Since 2015, he has helped hundreds of budding filmmakers take their ideas and turn them into cinema. During that time he has also written, produced and directed more than twenty films. In 2016 he became the organiser of Kino London, a leading part of the London underground filmmaking scene, before moving to South America in 2017. Currently he produces online video and content for leading brands such as Microsoft and ComCast.

IMDB - PhotoMali.jpg

Mali Elfman


Since her micro-budget feature debut DO NOT DISTURB in 2010, Mali has made a name for herself producing Karen Gillan's THE PARTY'S JUST BEGINNING and Executive Producing Mike Flanagan's BEFORE I WAKE. She is also a Co-Founder and Head of Production at FUN SIZE HORROR. Her obsession with light and shadows comes from producing a 50-foot shadow play for Mark Danielewski's "The Fifty Year Sword" at the REDCAT. Her directorial work includes the short films VOICE, LOOP, and DO YOU BELIEVE IN GHOSTS for FUN SIZE HORROR, as well as the segment LOCKER ROOM Z for the upcoming horror anthology SCARE PACKAGE.




Michael May is a filmmaker and performer who began his career as an actor in theater and film while he was a teenager. His foray behind the camera began with producing the cult feature, KILLING ZELDA SPARKS, featuring Vincent Kartheiser and Colm Feore, which lead to a gig overseeing production on a slate of films for the finance company, Citrus Release, Ltd. Since then Michael has produced and directed commercials, documentaries, a feature film, and co-created the multimedia company Fun Size Horror. At Fun Size Horror Michael has produced dozens of short films and multiple anthology features. In 2019 a docu-series Michael created and hosts, AUTO/BIOGRAPHY, premiered on Motor Trend TV. The unique, hybrid True-Crime and Automotive show is the first 4K HDR series on the network.


PUVANAI “Top” Tarasin


Puvanai "Top" Tarasin is a Thai film director, based in London. Top has a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts majoring in Film from the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand. He began his professional career in 2006 at Bangkok-based production company Phoscine where he directed over 100 commercials. In 2016, he left the company to work as a creative group head and film director for online advertising agency Ad Hoc Co., Ltd. 

In 2017, Top co-directed the short "Scarecrow” with cinematographer Liam Morgan – a dark, surreal film about a primordial being arising from a muddy Earth to stalk a “newly-born” woman across a barren landscape. This film was officially selected for numerous festivals including the 2017 Mykonos Biennale Film Festival in Greece, the 2017 Blow Up Art House Film Festival in Chicago, and the 2018 Revelation Perth International Film Festival. In 2018, he directed "Blast Off” (in association with the East London Independent Filmmakers collective) – an absurdist comedy about a space engineer on the path of revenge against his narcissistic boss, and "As It Comes” - a personal meditation on memory, the indifference of nature, and the transformative power of small occurrences that melds elements of children’s fables, allegory, and futurism. The latter film competed in a dozen international film festivals, including the May 2018 Independent Shorts Awards, the 2018 Diversions International Short Film Festival in Croatia, and the 2018 ARFF Barcelona. 

Top is also an experienced 1st AD, having worked on three features and a dozen short films in 2018.



In 2014 Zeke created Fun Size Horror as a filmmaking collective. The endeavor began as a way for filmmakers to give fellow filmmakers not typically afforded the opportunity to direct a chance to step behind the camera. In 2015, he co-founded the company Fun Size Horror with Michael May and Mali Elfman. Together they have produced two feature length anthology films and created the web placed platform, which hosts original and user generated content. The company continues to produce original content with the same ethos as the collective that started it.