What is Kino London?

Kino London is one of the longest-running short film nights in London. Filmmakers register in advance to screen their short, sight unseen. There are no themes, no pre-selection and no restrictions, other than that films be under 10 minutes and that at least one of the filmmakers attends the event to introduce their film on the night.

In addition to the screening events, Kino London also runs regular workshops on all aspects of filmmaking. These are open to anyone who wants to get involved with film projects and learn more about the different fundamental disciplines involved. This might be scriptwriting, lighting, producing, directing, sound, acting, stage fighting...if it happens on a film set, then we have a workshop focused on learning how to do it properly.

We are a truly open platform for both experienced filmmakers and those finding their feet as storytellers and producers. As both industry professionals and first-timers come to Kino, the bar remains high for all those who screen or collaborate. And with such a broad spectrum of new work being screened, each event is a genuine reflection of the current output of London’s filmmakers.

International Network

Kino London is a partner of the worldwide Kino filmmaking movement, which started in Montreal in 1999. The Kino community is active worldwide, with groups of filmmakers springing up across North America, Europe, Africa and Australia. The binding philosophy behind Kino is the belief in making high quality films with the minimum of resources, regularly, in a supportive environment which fosters experimentation and development.



You can keep up to date with all our London events, as well as keep informed about the latest film projects by joining our Meetup Group below