Kino Short Film - Nine Years of Collective Filmmaking

Kino Short Film has been running filmmaking events since 2009. We operate in partnership with the Kino International filmmaking movement, an initiative explained succinctly by the motto  “Do well with nothing, do better with little, and do it now!”

We run regular events all over the world, including open-mic screenings, scriptwriting workshops, producer clinics and even a feature film production company, Kino Features. We are a unique platform in that we support all levels of filmmaking, from absolute beginners through to career professionals. There are over a thousand filmmakers in our London Meetup group, and our mission is to help you ‘write it, shoot it, screen it!’


About the Screenings


Filmmakers register in advance to screen their short, sight unseen. There are no themes, no pre-selection and no restrictions, other than that films be under 10 minutes long, and that the filmmaker introduce their film on the night.

Filmmakers present their work on the night, and have the opportunity to discuss their creations with audience and filmmakers alike. Despite what may seem like a daunting experience, Kino is refreshingly non-competitive. We are a truly open platform for both experienced filmmakers and those finding their feet as storytellers and producers. Both industry professionals and first-timers bring their shorts to Kino, and the quality of cinema at each event is both diverse and entertaining.  And with such a broad spectrum of new work being screened, each event is a genuine reflection of the current output of filmmakers around the world.

Kino International Network

Kino Short Film is part of the worldwide Kino movement, which started in Montreal in 1999. The Kino brand has since been exported worldwide, with nearly 100 organisations springing up across North America, Europe, Africa and Australia. 

The binding philosophy behind each Kino is the belief in making high quality video with the minimum of resources, and in a regular, supportive environment that encourages filmmakers to experiment and develop.

Want to Screen? – Find out more…

• For Screenings and General Enquiries: enquiries@kinolondon.com