July Finalists & Semi-Finalists for The People's Film Festival

We are excited to announce July Semi-Finalists and Finalists for The People’s Film Festival! Official Selections will be announce at over next event of August 15th.


  • BEAUTIFUL COLORS by Niccolò Montanari

  • BELONGING by Gauthier-Charbel RAAD

  • BUS STOP by Vanessa Bailey

  • COOKED by Patrick Chamberlain

  • HARY METCALFE: BIG GAY MESS by Alexandros Tsilifonis

  • IT’S TIME TO CHANGE by Palak Malik

  • KISS ME MALIBU by Mikel Arraiz

  • OUTSIDE by Jeff Palmer

  • PERSONA by Mathieu Nolhier

  • SWEET RELEASE by Meeshelle Neal

  • THIS COULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE by Marta de la Fuente

  • YOU KILLED US by Tom Hughes


  • AICHA by Elias Djemil

  • BESTIE by Amanda Prasow

  • DOMESTIC by Malachi Pulte

  • EAGLEFRIEK by Louis Martin

  • FIFTEN GOING ON FOREVER by Thomas A. Perry

  • FROM OUT OF THE STORM by Maurice Smith


  • MIRANDA by Timothy Ross

  • NO SLEEPING by Emmanuel Levy

  • NSC by Akim Dolinsky

  • OUR FUTURE BIRDS by Clara Diet

  • THE MAN WHO SAVED LKY by Thomas Franks

  • THE RISE by Abhijit Adhya

  • THE PILLOCKS by Stephen Pitt

  • RED COCAINE by Lee Squires

  • SCOTLAND THERAPY by Julian Bivol

  • STOCKHOLM NOIR by Olof Sylvén

  • SUNDER by Spencer Hetherington

  • TOUCH by Laurence Durkin